Unique NASA NAVY Partnership Powering OCEANS 2022

For the first time in the long history of OCEANS conferences, both NASA and NAVY are helping co-chair the conference. Both agencies have a long history of prioritizing and funding ocean science and technology programs that have obvious national and international importance. Their leadership and engagement promise to establish OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads as a uniquely effective conference of great importance to all delegates, students and professionals alike.

Navy leadership goes back to the roots of the conference, with the first OCEANS held in 1970 at the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Laboratory in Panama City, Florida. At OCEANS 2022 NAVSEA, the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Commander Submarine Forces (COMSUBFOR) Norfolk Naval Station, and other Navy organizations will share their expertise and vision toward a sustainable and secure maritime environment.

Though new to the leadership team of the OCEANS conference, NASA has been observing the oceans from space for more than 20 years. NASA launched Seasat, the first civilian oceanographic satellite, on June 28, 1978. Today there are several ocean-observing satellite missions and an extensive scientific research community studying these data. At OCEANS 2022, NASA will team with NOAA to discuss the future of Earth observations from space, including NASA’s upcoming SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) mission and the future Earth System Observatory.

Together with NOAA and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the various municipalities in the Hampton Roads region, OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads is all about Whole of Government, collaborative research, leveraging programs, and encouraging creative thought for effectiveness with efficiencies.

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