Lee Gunn

Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, U.S. Navy (Retired) served the Navy as a surface warfare officer for 35 years. He began as a division officer and department head in destroyers during the Vietnam conflict, was second-in-command and commanding officer of frigates, and later commanded Destroyer Squadron 31. DESRON 31was a unique squadron of destroyers,  frigates, and helicopters devoted to the development of advanced equipment, tactics, techniques, and procedures in anti-submarine warfare; the squadron also pursued specific, challenging missions in real-world ASW operations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Bering Sea.

In his final duty at sea, he commanded the Third Fleet Amphibious Force. Ashore, Gunn served in a succession of manpower, personnel, and training assignments, culminating in command of the Navy Personnel Command. Gunn’s final uniformed assignment was as The Inspector General of the Department of the Navy, with authority over the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Following his retirement from active Naval service, Gunn joined the CNA Corporation where he expanded the reach and impact of CNA’s Institute for Public Research. Under his leadership, the Institute comprised five research and analysis teams: scientists, engineers and economists in the fields of health research and policy; education; air traffic management; climate, energy, water and national security; and homeland security and justice.

Gunn retired from CNA after more than a dozen years and formed a new team to study, write and consult on the national security implications of climate change, the transition to advanced energy, and water and food insecurity. He continues that effort today.